Making A Mark To Make A Difference

The food crisis in the country has not ended and making appropriate noises about it isnโ€™t going to end the pain and suffering either. We shouldnโ€™t feel that after what Kenyans For Kenya initiative did for those in need, we can now sit back and get on with life without an ounce of conscience.

We have proved time and again how giving us Kenyans are. In time of need we roar like a lioness to protect our cubs; we look out for one another and when we had to raise money ourselves without any political agendas or motives, we did it, and HOW! I still swell up with pride when I think of how within a month Kenyans came together to reach the targets we had set for ourselves to alleviate the suffering.

It doesnโ€™t just stop at that. Many feel fatigued, though, after being so giving. Iโ€™m not blaming anyone for this at all. You do tend to start thinking if youโ€™re always giving to the less fortunate how will you make your own ends meet? Thereโ€™s nothing wrong in wanting to think of your family and children first โ€“ after all if youโ€™re working hard you know it is for their comfort and needs, especially if you are a parent.

Iโ€™m just being realistic and echoing the sentiments of many who are scared of speaking up in case they get labeled Scrooge or something similar. Giving comes from the heart and itโ€™s not just about parting with money. You can give your time to any cause you deem worthy and perhaps volunteer towards a cause. Who says itโ€™s just money that is needed from you for you to be charitable?

The good thing is the corporate lot also joined in and last weekend we had an amazing time raising money for the less fortunate in a fun way. At East FM, Aleem Manji who is the breakfast show presenter came up with an idea that involved the community without them parting with a cent. Duracoat the paint experts pledged to give fifty shillings for every mark made on the huge banners that were laid out at the Sarit Centre Atrium to the Red Cross.

All we needed was for people to come and grab a paintbrush and write anything on the big huge banner and Duracoat would give 50/- for every mark that was made. The event was also being held at the Junction mall with the crew from Kiss FM and Classic FM over there.

The highlight of the day was definitely Peter Marangi, the brand ambassador for Duracoat paints and it was like meeting some Bollywood star! His magnetic personality liberally sprinkled with that signature laugh of his drew many people to the banners to sign them and also take pictures with him. Iโ€™ll have you know I got Jasmine, our Operations Director at East FM to take my picture with Marangi as well.

KK & Peter Marangi

I was very overwhelmed at a personal level with the response that we received. The entire East FM team was on board and I just loved it the way we did this as a family effort and had fun at the same time. The team at the Junction also didnโ€™t fare too badly and it was a fantastic way of coming together and having fun while contributing towards yet another Kenyan success story that we seem so desperately in need of these days.


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