Dining Experiences With A Difference

Iโ€™m a self-proclaimed โ€˜foodieโ€™. While Iโ€™m not polished or suave when it comes to gourmet foods I think I can manage to appreciate what I try. Iโ€™m no Size Zero model, which is just as well when you love your food. Although I think Iโ€™m leaning towards a stereotype when I think that Size Zero types donโ€™t like food. Maybe they do. I wouldnโ€™t know. Iโ€™m not that size and personally I feel they could do with some flesh on those bones. Before this blows in a rant about sizes let me get on with it!

Eating out is a lovely experience if you can afford it. I donโ€™t indulge in it too often because I tend to over-eat and then I go into this โ€˜Iโ€™ll never eat so much againโ€™ cycle and what not. Once in a while is fine for me and I do like to try different cuisines.

When my children were much younger and Iโ€™d want to take them out, Iโ€™d only venture as far as a food court at shopping malls. I have a strong reason why I did this. Before I exposed them to a restaurant environment I wanted them to be able to learn basic table manners first and also understand the concept of eating out. Iโ€™m not claiming that you have to do this. This is totally my way of how I dealt with it. If there is one thing I really hate, itโ€™s going to a restaurant and having kids running helter-skelter and shouting all over the place. This may be indulged in at restaurants that offer children a playground and such services. I will judge you negatively if Iโ€™m in a restaurant that has no play area and your unruly kids are misbehaving, running around the tables and being a nuisance.

Eventually my kids were old enough to last at least an hour on their seats while enjoying at least a two-course meal (main & dessert course) before I paid the bill. Iโ€™m not saying they have perfect table manners and once in a while the little one will spill his drink on the table but itโ€™s all good. Theyโ€™re not running around and annoying other diners.

Last week I went to Mediterraneo in Gigiri with some friends and my kids for an early dinner. I really enjoy Italian cuisine and Iโ€™d been here before with the kids and really liked the atmosphere. We ordered our food and the proprietor Guiliano Zanette came over to the table to ask how the meal was and engaged in conversation about the changes he had made to the building before opening this branch. His idea is to transport you to panoramic Tuscany as you enjoy your meal and I really do like the ambience created. Also on the side thereโ€™s a small lawn and he was very adamant that there would be no kids playing around there.

I nearly gave him a standing ovation! Thank you! If I want my kids to play around I will go to the many restaurants that do offer playground facilities. I wanted to enjoy a dining experience with my kids and spend quality time with them over a meal so this restaurant is where I chose to go. If you feel your kids are missing out on a playground at this place then just donโ€™t go. As it is the restaurant is packed everyday so it just gives me a chance to squeeze in my booking to enjoy a meal.

Enjoy your dining experiences wherever it is that you are. Give a moment of thought and thanks for the meal youโ€™re about to partake. Gratitude always does go farโ€ฆ



One thought on “Dining Experiences With A Difference

  1. I enjoy sampling all sorts of interesting cuisines (Ethiopian, indian & chinesse are my absolute faves. I enjoy Italian when I’m in the mood for some comfort food). Don’t like playing chef though and prefer eating out…wonder if that makes me a foodie hmmmm…


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