The Month of August and us Kenyans

You know exactly where Iโ€™m going with this because it seems like every other Kenyan I speak to these days is living in fear of this month and that we are totally jinxed because everything seems to go wrong for us in this month.

Iโ€™m not a superstitious person so Iโ€™m totally against this train of thought. There are eleven other months in the year besides August and something or the other, whether good or bad, happens in every month. What is this maneno of singling out a month and thumping your chest and in despair, wailing and making a hue and cry saying this month is jinxed for us Kenyans?

JKIA on fire

The fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport could have happened in any month. Itโ€™s a mere coincidence it happened on the same date as the anniversary of the blast that shook Nairobi. Conspiracy theorists started claiming that this fire was symbolic and was to remind us Kenyans of the horrific times we went through back then. Granted we through hell at that time but as always, didnโ€™t we overcome as a nation? Donโ€™t we ALWAYS fight and overcome as a nation?

Our country has been through so much negative yet we come out shining. We try our best to fix the problem and move on. Iโ€™m not saying this because I tend to have a rose tinted attitude towards the world, which by the way isnโ€™t really a bad thing for the sake of your high blood pressure. I also get annoyed or upset with the way things happen in our country but I donโ€™t sit on social media shooting everything down, do I?

So when youโ€™re busy saying we are jinxed as a nation, it is evident you believe in voodoo. Fair in enough if that is your belief. My question is, why arenโ€™t you using your beliefs in this very voodoo to reverse the effects? Is it not worth the effort? Will you have nothing to moan about on Twitter or Facebook? Will people start questioning your sanity?


You see itโ€™s all about image at the end of the day. If you believe in being jinxed it means youโ€™re superstitious. If you are superstitious itโ€™s obvious you also believe that rituals can reverse or affect a situation. While I respect your belief, Iโ€™m also going to ask you to then use this belief to turn around the jinx if you feel so strongly about everything. If you can utter we have been jinxed you can also find a solution to โ€˜unjinxโ€™ us.

Iโ€™ve always said superstition and suspicion have no cure. Itโ€™s a very popular Punjabi saying as well and I like to live by it because all it does is add thoughts into your head that are not wanted at all and when one over-thinks you tend to think mostly negative. Overthinking is also known to be a cause of depression.

So stop being pessimistic all the time, stop being superstitious. A black cat that crosses your way only denotes that the animal is going somewhere. Nothing else. Also, thereโ€™s absolutely no jinx in the month of August. Relax.

One thought on “The Month of August and us Kenyans

  1. Well inscribed kamal. Human mind is such a joke at times. We r so perceptive b4 we try out anything new. Always baised by the old skool thoughts. Enjoyed reading ur thoughts. Keep it coming its inspiring.

    Pari saxena


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