DUI charges should be very strict

drink and drive

Driving Under Influence is a huge contribution to many deaths and accidents that are caused on our roads. Our previously lenient laws where this was concerned didnโ€™t put the any kind of fear in a person who would think nothing of having a few beers or whiskeys and getting behind the wheel to cause an accident.

As soon as you have just one drink, stop fooling yourself and thinking โ€˜itโ€™s just one drinkโ€™ because whether you have ten drinks or just one you are still under the influence of alcohol. There is alcohol in your blood stream, your thought process is controlled by the alcohol to whatever degree. People need to stop being in denial about this. You think having just one drink loosens you up and youโ€™re still in control. You may feel that way but the truth of the matter is that you have just consumed alcohol and you should not be driving at all.

Do you sneak in drinks at work? Unless youโ€™re an alcoholic or have a drinking problem, I donโ€™t think anyone drinks at work; because you KNOW that alcohol impairs you and you need to be alert at your workplace. Then what allows you to drink and start driving? What is this thought process behind your reasoning that you can drink and drive?

You may cause an accident with careless driving and you could lose your life, or worse still, kill an innocent person. The scenario could be turned around. After a couple of drinks you may be in control of your senses and you get behind the wheel and start driving and along comes a reckless driver and smashes right into you and because you are under the influence (yes even one drink) your reflexes donโ€™t work as fast as they normally do and suddenly youโ€™re fighting for your life because of an accident. This gets worse. Because there is alcohol in your bloodstream, yes even that single glass of wine, it will be deemed your fault because you were drunk.

Us Kenyans have a habit of moaning and groaning when laws are put in place for us. Take Michuki for instance. How we moaned and groaned about the traffic rules and today we wish he was still alive and implementing those laws on the road. Same with Mututho. We are creating Facebook pages to warn other people where Alcoblow checks are happening and in this stupidity we are only encouraging people to drink, drive, be defiant and carry on being murderers. Have you ever thought what youโ€™d do if a loved one lost their life because of your stupidity of telling a drunk driver about the Alcoblow check points? You will reap what you sow so stop being a bloody idiot and posting such nonsense on social media.


Be responsible and respect the law. It has been put in place for a reason and not to ruin your life and take the fun out of it all. Stop being spoilt petulant brats and respect the law. ย Itโ€™s in place for OUR good.

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