Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

cookie in a cup

Just one cookie and the simplest of ingredients. This recipe is ridiculously easy. I will not be held responsible if this becomes a daily addiction!
Allow your kids to try this recipe. Please take note that the mug and contents will be very hot so do supervise kids.

1 tbsp. butter, melted
1 tbsp. white sugar
1 tbsp. brown sugar
3 drops of vanilla
pinch of salt
1 egg yolk
1/4 c. flour
2 tbsp. chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients well, pour in a microwave-proof cup and microwave for about 40-60 seconds in a cup. This is a gooey cookie recipe so it will be a bit soft but you can add another 20 seconds in the microwave if you want.
Serve with a dollop of ice cream or enjoy on it’s own and wash it down with a mug of coffee. Or even cold milk.

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