How to Poo on a date…

Yes, emergencies do arise and no one quite talks about this but someone has finally decided to take the bull by the horns and give some advice on this situation. Had to share it with you!

How To Poo on a Date


1. SECRECY: Never say precisely what you are going to do.
2. INTIMACY: Always go alone.
3. INVISIBILITY: Make sure nobody sees you enter or come out.
4. SILENCE: Donโ€™t give any indication upon your return as to whatโ€™s just occurred.
5. IDENTITY: Come back in the exact same configuration you left in.
6. SECURITY: Donโ€™t reveal any clues that could give away the purpose of your mission.
7. SPEED: Never be away for more than five minutes, to avoidย all suspicion.
8. COMPOSURE: Never show how you feel. Do not walk to the toilet with your buttocks clenched, for example.
9. MODESTY: Never brag about what’s gone one behind closed doors.

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