Embarrassed and grateful! 

I stopped to buy a juice after my workout at the gym and realized I only had my card & Mpesa to pay with. I’d already placed the order and the lady had started processing my order. This is when a Good Samaritan standing next to me paid for it and refused to be paid back. I asked him his name, asked his number to at least Mpesa him right away and he said no. I was really touched with his very kind gesture. 

Our loved ones will usually kick us in the teeth while perfect strangers will do deeds unconditionally. Funnily, while many will agree with this, the loved ones will get worked up about this statement. Why? That would only happen if you feel guilty about something, right? If not, you nod, agree that it’s usually someone whom you have trusted a lot who has walked away in time of need while strangers will come to your aid. 

I said that because I was thinking back to when one Sunday afternoon in December I was running around like a headless chicken trying to raise half a million shillings to get my Dad admitted into ICU at a local hospital. While they kept him in the emergency room, we all knew Dad needed intensive care immediately and the hospital needed that money. I remember turning to people whom I thought would help but they didn’t. It’s not like one will turn to strangers at a time like this right…? 

After that I’d thought that I’d help people whenever I could, and I have been doing that, but today I realized I don’t have to chip in with big huge gestures. Something simple like paying for someone’s juice is as good a deed as any other! 

I’m going to return this gesture today for sure. 

Just thought I’d share that with you. 



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