A Doll Cake At Last!ย 

I think it may have been last year or early this year when I saw the most beautiful doll cake on a Facebook page. I stopped to comment on the picture, duly admired the beautiful cake and added that I’d never had a doll cake in my life. 
Fast forward to yesterday and I received a call while doing my show. I was told there’s a delivery for me. My first thought was that someone has sent me flowers because that’s usually the case. When I finished my show and came out, the Receptionist handed this over to me and said it was for me. 

I knew at once why I’d received it and was emotional. I’d finally received a doll cake, the first one ever, and I was completely delighted. My kids, when they saw it, gasped just as dramatically as I had. 

I can’t thank @djsakmusic and the entire team at @cakevillekenya for being the first ones to give me my long desired doll cake and for being the first to bake me a birthday cake two weeks in advance! You guys are simply awesome. 

Your kind gesture and thoughtful gift has made a strong mark in my memories. A doll cake at last! 

How do I even cut it and most importantly, may I keep that doll please?! 

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