Adventures at Chicago O’Hare Airportย 

So the flight from Chicago O’Hare to Newark was delayed by 3hrs. Eventually we boarded, taxied & had to come back to terminal.

This was because flight staff can legally only work fixed hours. Fair enough. Been at carousel for hour & half waiting for baggage.
No sign of bags. Staff gone home. Shuttle to hotel stopped. (Past midnight) On hold to hotel reservations for 37 minutes. Yes. Thirty seven.

It’s 12:25am & we are exhausted. We have precious cargo with us. The bride-to-be!

The next time I feel I lead an uneventful life I should remember this incidence & keep calm. Not like the guy I named John Doe.

John Doe went ballistic talking about lawsuits. I cheered up at his vocal stand. He had the attention of a few of us as we nodded along.
John Doe talked to Tattoo Guy on his way to Vegas. TG gets worked up hearing JD’s story saying he’s been bumped off a flight since 5pm.
JD senses an opportunity to protest even loudly & advises TG ‘you have a case dude’ & carries on telling him more about our dramas.
More protests ensue as they all agree American Airlines is ‘the worst f***ing airline in the whole of America’. Me, I just stare at carousel.
Carousel is spinning but no sign of bags. Passengers from our airline dejectedly start dispersing.
Here I am, blogging all this. I need to sleep. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

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