Deactivating My Facebook Accountย 

I’m increasingly tempted to delete my personal Facebook account. 

This thing of constantly looking down at a screen and not making eye contact or really being with people is making me question things. I am surrounded by people who would rather look at posts and pictures instead of come to my home. 

I feel I’m losing touch with humans. 

On the other hand, the people closest to me are usually on their handsets keeping up with the world. I miss being with real human beings. Not these zombies we have all become, highly dependent on keeping in touch only via this electronic device. I miss real conversations. 

I have people on my account who barely talk to me. They talk to everyone else but me. So then why pretend to be friends? You can always catch up with what I’m up to by grapevine. It’s juicer that way! 

Attention seeking? Nah. I get plenty of it. 

I’m pondering on my life choices. Deactivating my Facebook account seems to be one of them. 

2 thoughts on “Deactivating My Facebook Accountย 

  1. I find facebook just plain boring. I mean its good to read jokes and feel amused by tidbits of technology and humor, But I no longer feel the human element in it… I ue it mainly to wish birthdays


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