Hiring a PA

Often, people say teens are a blessing. I agree with this wholeheartedly until, of course, something like this happens.

My daughter has stuck these posters all over the house. Sheโ€™s hiring a PA because sheโ€™s overwhelmed. Her brother applied for the job and was called in for an interview at 8pm last night. He wore a proper jacket over his pyjamas and politely knocked on her door.

He runs out after a while, and I hear her screaming. โ€˜Return my pen you thief!โ€™ He yells back, โ€˜No! You stole that from me!โ€™

She yells back, โ€˜You are FIRED!โ€™

He retorts, โ€˜You werenโ€™t even going to pay me! Who wants your job?!โ€™

I need a holiday.

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