The bikini body

They say there are two ways to get a bikini body.

1.) Get a bikini

2.) Put it on your body

While it seems like the most logical thing to do, I still have my reservations. Iโ€™m not confident enough to strut around in a bikini.

What are these societal pressures anyway? Why canโ€™t we just be comfortable in our own skins? Magazines will tell you how to get a bikini bod in two weeks.

Flip the pages and there are sinful dessert recipes.

Flip some more pages and thereโ€™s an advert for cosmetic surgery.

Finally, thereโ€™s a write-up on how to not care about the society and youโ€™re vehemently being told, โ€˜You do you.โ€™

Iโ€™ve gone with the vehement message…

โ€œYou do you…โ€

By the way, my Dad asked me why I’m carrying such a big handbag on the beach. I had to explain it’s my beach bag. I heard him mutter something under his breath but I let it be…

You do you.

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