Kindness has the greatest impact of all

In 2016, I had the honour of meeting a beautiful lady in Chicago who warmly welcomed me like I was a long-lost daughter.

She told me we both had half the same name, and she laughed gently when I told her thatโ€™s why we are the best.

We started talking about art and creativity and she told me she knew pottery. I was delighted to know that. She showed me some of her works then gave me this beautiful bowl she had made.

It has her name engraved at the bottom.

I immediately burst into tears.

As she wiped my eyes with her fragile hands, she said to me that she liked me as soon as she met me.


There was something comforting about her. Like, you could leave all the burdens of your life at her feet and she would help kick them away.

She completed her journey on Earth a bit too soon, and I often think of her.

She wrote me a beautiful letter on handmade paper, with excellent penmanship, and I still slip it out of the drawer of treasures to read it sometimes.

I often think of her and how she impacted me so deeply with just one meeting that Iโ€™ve never forgotten her, and if I feel this way, how beautifully blanketed in her love must everyone feel who have known her forever.

The bowl holds flowers that I brought back from Harmandhir Sahib (The Golden Temple) after my Mum passed away.

I put them in my special bowl and often sprinkle rose oil on the pot pourri.

Happy birthday in Heaven to an awesome human being who taught me that impacting someoneโ€™s life positively in just one meeting is possible.


Thinking of her beautiful family today. Mothers teach us everything except how to live without them.

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