Eid Mubarak, Parveen Adam

She has known my mother for years and Mum always considered her to be a younger sister. If my memory serves me right, I must have been around 16 when I met Parveenji.

We went on to become colleagues at East FM, and the bond became tighter as we met everyday as her show was just before mine.

She didn’t ever need to ask me how Mum was because she kept in touch. In fact, as I’d enter the studio, she would gleefully tell me that she has just taken Mum on air as she had called the studio with a request or some kind of discussion.

Mum left a huge void, and I saw Parveenji shed tears for her, which touched me to the core. I’ve always considered her to be a very strong lady, and to have eyes filled with tears each time she mentioned Mum, it would always move me.

When Dad fell ill, it was suggested he should try paya soup for nutrients and Parveenji would make enough not just for Dad, but the whole family. With soft, buttered naans!

Her amazing and most wonderful daughters both looked after my Mum in cardiac care, keeping me updated on her progress and just being there despite being such busy doctors.

Not an Eid celebration or birthday went by where she didn’t gift me. If she ever travelled abroad, she always brought back not one but several gifts.

I would find chocolate in the studio left behind for me in case I missed seeing Parveenji in the studio. She has always looked out for me.

So, you can imagine my delight when I received a wonderful Eid present for my kids and me.

I just wept.

She’s never forgotten, she’s always kept us in her prayers, and she definitely maintained a relationship even after Mum went away.

I’m so grateful for this love.

I’ve not even begun to express how much she has done for our family.

We are so blessed to call you our family.
Love you always. 💞

Eid Mubarak dearest Parveenji. I’m so blessed to have you in my life.

With the beautiful Parveen Adam

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