Keep in touch

“Keep in touch.”

It’s something we tend to say as we say goodbye. I guess it’s our way of saying that we enjoyed being with you and would like to meet again and perhaps revoke this same wonderful feeling of being together. Or maybe you have just borrowed a huge amount of money from someone and they need to keep tabs. Whatever the case, sometimes, it’s a nice feeling to be told to keep in touch. 

Enter the people who take this literally and are unable to deal with anyone’s radio silence. They have a constant need to be checked up on, they want a blow by blow account of what’s happening, they need to feel needed and loved, and they get upset when people are unable to come through with their expectations. We all know what expectations do – they create disappointment when not met. That goes on to build resentment in the overthinker’s head, which ultimately translates to anger and a huge sense of entitlement. 

Having received counselling for a lot of my own issues, I have come to realise that no one thinks of you as much as you think about yourself. People are so wrapped in their own lives and problems that it’s really hard for them to keep checking up on you because you feel they should. What’s stopping you from being in touch? Your expectations. You feel if they haven’t bothered to check in on you, why should you? 

Break these curses. 

Feel free to keep in touch with whoever you want, whenever you can, and if you can’t do that, just know it’s also okay. You don’t owe anyone anything. Do it because you want to and not because you are being forced into a situation that makes you cringe, makes you unhappy, or it annoys you to keep fulfilling someone’s demands. 

It’s easy to tell others what and how to do, but until you don’t heal yourself you will not find peace.

Do keep in touch – whenever you can. 

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