Getting high on teaโ€ฆ


Having lived in the United Kingdom for a short while, I did get used to a few of the practices there, afternoon high tea being one of them. You didnโ€™t have to travel far to look for a quaint restaurant or cafรฉ to indulge in a pot of Earl Grey tea, served in pretty bone china cups (not commercially produced mugs) accompanied by scones and jam with clotted cream.


So this week when I checked my mail one morning and I found an invitation to a revival to this quaint practice, I jumped at the chance and accepted immediately. Sankara Hotel in Nairobi were excellent hosts. I went with Riya Shah from East FM and decked in our appropriate afternoon tea dresses and heels we made our way to the venue. We did leave out the fancy hats and kid gloves for another time. I reckon itโ€™s always best to check out what youโ€™re up against first! We didnโ€™t want a fashion faux pas!

We were greeted at the Gallery and were told by our host Roma about the revival of the High Tea. I was very happy with this, honestly speaking. You see, my daughter and I have started a little ritual. We go out for a mother-daughter meal or coffee morning at least once a month without her little brother. I love these moments with her and get to catch up with her life without her โ€˜annoying little brotherโ€™ as she likes to call him.

Riya and I were served up some amazing treats and teas from a huge selection โ€“ honestly we were spoilt for choice. The macaroons were divine and we even indulged in a bit of chit-chat with their head pastry chef Pascal. First of all, his French accent had both of us thinking we are listening to something very musical. Pascal explained pastries and cakes and desserts to us very passionately and this passion was evident in the result in front of us.

You know, I like these quaint little things in life. They are a great deviation from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives where we stop loving ourselves and just keep slogging on, working hard and not stopping to pamper ourselves.

Slow down in life once in a while, gift yourself some time and allow yourself to indulge in enjoying life. Ever since Westgate happened, I promised myself I would love myself more and do all the things I always wanted to. Facing death changes your perception to life for sure and I do hope you never have to face such atrocity to realize how precious life really is.

Give yourself a treat next time you are at the Sankara and look out for Paul, the smiley guy who served us our tea. I loved being spoilt and pampered and indulged. From smoked salmon, apple and cucumber sandwiches to strawberry tarts, scones with jam and cream and macaroonsโ€ฆ our palettes were in heaven!


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