Freaky Hand Punch

Here’s a yummy Halloween punch you can make and impress your friends and family….

It’s dead easy to make… pun intended. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Freaky Hand Punch:

  • 1 litre blackcurrant juice (Fizto, Vimto, Ribena, etc)
  • 1 litre orange squash
  • 2 litres cold Sprite
  • 16 pcs white jawbreakers***
  • Red and black liquid food colouring


Mix all the liquid ingredients in a large punch bowl.

With black and red liquid food colour and a fine paintbrush, fashion the white jawbreakers into eyeballs. If you lack in the artistic department, donโ€™t fret. Just go wild and have fun. The less perfect your eyeballs the better.

Take a clean surgical/ plastic glove and wash the inside properly.

No need to let anyone know that itโ€™s actually a glove from your home hair dye kit…

Fill with water and seal and freeze until hard.

When totally frozen remove just before serving punch from freezer.

Run under slightly tepid water to loosen ice from glove and slide frozen hand out and place in punch bowl for ghastly effect.

Make sure you donโ€™t let my daughter near it. When she was 6 she took my nail varnish and tried to paint nails on the frozen hand…

Float the eyeballs and the hand into the bowl and enjoy the reactions to your Freaky Hand Punch.

****I buy my jawbreakers from the candy shop at the Sarit Centre but these days all these pick โ€˜nโ€™ mix counters at most malls have lots of jawbreakers.

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