Hellooooo Halloween!

Ghoul season is here and it’s all good. You see, with Halloween you can unleash the riveting freak in you and actually get away with it if you neatly pull off your stunts when Halloween comes around.  Who says trick or treating is just for kids? I get my fancy goody sack out every year and terrorise the neighbourhood. Dressing up is the best part. I’m more enthusiastic about this aspect of Halloween than my kids because I’m a self-confessed chocaholic. Who cares about the Trick part? I’m more into the Treat… and woe betide anyone who decides to go the healthy way and give fruit…GRRR!!

Like any self respecting Mum who has to try very hard to keep up with who the kids deem as the Joneses, I have various boxes in storage that house paraphernalia for various occasions that occur over the year. I have a Diwali box which has clay reusable lamps and fancy candles, a Christmas box with the decorations and a tree and maybe last year’s fancy cards just in case we get forgotten or struck off lists this year then at least we have something to display, and not forgetting the Halloween box.

This actually spills over into two boxes because there is just far too much stuff we have to deal with. I have wigs, black cloaks, a VERY SCARY mask that makes my heart skip a beat if my kids suddenly decide to arrange a minor heart attack for me, evil-looking pumpkin lanterns, a pointy witch hat and whole plethora of Halloween related stuff. I’m actually glad to have kids who insist on keeping up with all the holidays that come up because I feel I’d probably look pretty stupid walking around all dressed up like a witch on 31st October and being asked if I finally found myself…

Usually the kids and I end up at a popular mall every year that goes to great lengths to have a Halloween themed weekend out for the whole family. There are best-dressed competitions, fireworks and the food court area is always buzzing with specials of the day to go with the Halloween theme.

I remember when I lived in the UK I went to a Halloween party organised by the Students Union. This was back in the day where people made their costumes rather than spending a lot of money at a Halloween shop to buy a costume and accessories. My friends and I dressed up as trees and went as a forest, which I thought was proper ‘thinking out of the box’ costume. We did manage to spook a few people by tickling them with our branches and leaves and making them scream loud enough to wake the dead.

Speaking of waking the dead, when in UK I used to walk through a Church and past a small graveyard to get to my bus stop. In the winter months because it tends to get dark quickly I used to just speed through the shortcut with my head down and not look anywhere. Bad idea this proved to be one Halloween. My friends knew I was not very comfortable walking through a graveyard and being ‘the girl from Kenya who got driven everywhere’ it took time adjusting to becoming a student who had to walk everywhere or catch a bus. Anyway, one evening the silly gits hid near the wall of the graveyard and in black clothes and balaclavas stood near the huge tree and started following me just like those ghouls in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. My heart started beating real fast as they kept coming towards me and when I ran they ran right behind me. I screamed my head off (and if you know me, you know what sort of lungs I have been blessed with). I think they couldn’t control their laughter anymore after I started screaming and running and revealed it was just them but I’ll have you know Burcott Close in Aylesbury was never the same again after my loud screaming that Halloween. I guess you had to be there but I nearly did pee my pants that night!

Happy Halloween and do save your treats for me. Keep the tricks for others!

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