Can a soul hurt?

Some random ramblings and disjointed thoughts…

Can it hurt? Does it hurt?


Do you ever feel that the very core of your being is hurting?ย Do you feel that somewhere deep inside you there is a part of you crying? Do you feel wretched and dejected and don’t see any kind of positivity or light coming your way to lead you out of this dark tunnel of feelings you are experiencing?

I’ve heard that when one feels all this it means your soul is hurting. The core of you is crying. You’re probably acting like everything is ok on the outside but deep down inside you are so shattered and you don’t know what is going on and why all this is happening to you.

You get saturated. You are not sure how to make this pain go away and there may not be physical tears but the floods that get shed internally are a different story.

Don’t look at me for positivity or words of wisdom on how to heal yourself. I have no magic potion to relieve you of your pain or have the ability to kiss your bruises better. There is nothing I can do to make you feel better. I’ve heard many times that a candle does not lose its light by lighting another. Take your candles away. A burnt out candle is of no use to anyone at all.

How can anyone help when their own soul is so hurt, broken, shattered….?


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