Sunidhi Chauhan Live In Concert

Itโ€™s not that I am biased. Itโ€™s just that I say it like I see it and thatโ€™s exactly what Iโ€™m going to relate to you. I had the honour of seeing Sunidhi Chauhan live in concert on Friday at the Aga Khan Complex at an exclusive fundraiser for patientsโ€™ welfare for the Aga Khan University Hospital. Rani Jamal, the dynamic woman behind the organization of this event has never disappointed me in the past. Any time she has brought in an artiste, she has given her best in terms of organization and entertainment. Itโ€™s the one thing you just canโ€™t fault her for.

Last Friday I got to the Aga Khan complex and loved the dรฉcor and ambience. The parking lot had been totally transformed into a posh dining area with flowers, candles and shiny cutlery, a huge stage, flanked by two huge screens which I sighed with relief at because in the past I have been to concerts and have always wondered why people who buy cheaper tickets are not treated with the larger screens in their seating area to be able to watch and enjoy the concert as well. I donโ€™t agree with screens being put up for the benefit of the people who have already paid to sit right near the stage. The person paying the low end of the ticket also deserves to have a good time, in my opinion.

Rani came personally to me to see if everything was ok and I quickly figured sheโ€™s not just being nice to me because Iโ€™m covering the event but sheโ€™s taking time out to give everyone her attention, from the volunteers who were ushering in guests and ensuring that everything was running smoothly, the serving of the sumptuous dinner, right down to Rahul who is a great fan of Sunidhi Chauhanโ€™s and Rani graciously allowed Rahul and his family to attend the event. Whatโ€™s the big deal here? Rahul is a special needs young lad who is amazingly gifted with abilities that have me gaping. From script writing to producing remixes, Rahul does them all and I was really moved that Rani personally ensured that Rahul got an exclusive meeting with Sunidhi in her private room and took photos.

The evening started off with Dr. Tushar Patel who had the audience in fits of laughter with his marital woes and medical jokes and then came on Rakesh Maini who was the runner up of Indian Idols Season 5. What a performer! When I used to follow the show on TV, I was rooting for Rakesh. The live band accompanying the singers was fantastic. Thereโ€™s something about having live music as opposed to a karaoke effect that many singers these days prefer to perform with.

Then came on Sunidhi, wearing a wispy lace and chiffon concoction in jade green teamed with brown jeans and boots, looking all hip and proceeded to mesmerize with her voice. From her famous dance hits to a reprise of one of her favourite songs from a recent Bollywood movie, Sunidhi engaged with the audience and gave a fantastic performance. I thought being a rather formal evening with dignitaries and ambassadors in attendance, no one would really get up and dance or make some noise but it was great to see the dancing shoes getting a groove on the impromptu dance floor.

It was a really well organised evening and I love the standards Rani Jamal sets in providing entertainment. Whether youโ€™re paying 10,000/- for your ticket or 2,500/-, you can rest assured that you WILL get good value for your money.


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