Meet Kalpa Padia

Please give a small bio of yourself.

Mrs. Kalpa Padia

Age: As the song goes โ€œForever Youngโ€,

I am an art historian by profession but ended up being Managing Director of a cheese company, how that happened is a story to be told another day.

Social media handles, my personal facebook page, Instagram and twitter and 3 company social media handles @rakacheese @wheytwogo and @mvdesigns18 Facebook and Instagram


Describe yourself.

This is a question where I get to blow my own trumpet. In a nutshell, I am calm when needed and hyper when wanted. No is not an answer and if you believe impossible exists then there is something wrong. I also believe that the Earth is not flat, and my love for sarees

How do you think people perceive you?

This is a situation of expectation verses reality. I think that people perceive me as warm and accommodating but that is just my perception to what I want to believe and think how people perceive me. This question is phrased more like a one sided crush

What do you think about when youโ€™re alone in your car?

Thatโ€™s a fresh question. With work and social media on our fingertips, if I have a driver, I hardly think when in the car but am busy on the phone and that includes Candy Crush. Otherwise, there is nothing like the sleep you can get when someone else is driving. And If I am driving, the opportunity to think hardly arises

Tell us something we donโ€™t know.

Then it will no longer remain a secret and itโ€™s nice to have secrets


How many friendships have you ruined because you refused to play a game of Monopoly mercifully?

Itโ€™s a question of how many relationships I have repeatedly ruined over Monopoly! I only play Monopoly with my boys and they make sure I donโ€™t survive for long. Tantrums, mood swings and words unmentionable

How long does it take you to scroll through Instagram before you eventually give up?

Tricky to say how long. Instagram Is a window to a world into my friends lives. Strangely, everyone only posts the interesting moments and timesโ€ฆ
How does one give up on a visual of that kind


What do you think cats dream about?

The last time I asked one what it dreamt about, it was a nightmare of โ€œwill she feed me proper food today or will it be Canned Cat Food?โ€


If you were a Disney/ mythological character, who would you choose to be?

Considering how my life has been, I feel that I would best fit Mushu, The Dragon from Mulan. The world could turn upside down but there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel

Youโ€™ve got to give one up:




Why wouldnโ€™t you give up the other?

Question is : Why should I give up either?
Cheese feeds meโ€ฆ Coffee sustains meโ€ฆ
Therefore โ€“ the answer is neither… NEVER!

What do you think is completely overrated in this world?

Having to doll up every time one goes out. Whatโ€™s wrong in just being comfortable in what you like to wear?


What series are you watching currently and would you recommend it to others?

I try not to watch a series as I end up binge watching, although I watched Barish on Zee5 and I loved it.
If you like romance then I would recommend Barish

If you have no financial restrictions at all, what would be the one thing you would buy for yourself?

What wouldnโ€™t I buy???? The first thing that I would buy is a rocking chair to chill out in every evening while I read my book and enjoy the tall drink while I watch the sun set in all the colours in its beautiful glory.
Who says money canโ€™t buy you happiness?
And all the Kanjivaram Sarees I can get my hands on


Do you ever compliment yourself? Do you acknowledge your success or the good job that youโ€™re doing?

That is something I have never had to do. Rajesh always had me on Cloud 9 and now, my boys keep me on Cloud 9. Therefore, when I do compliment myself, it feels like overkill


Who applauds your success the most?

The name RAKA says it all. RAKA stands for Rajesh & Kalpa. One word that tells you a story


Five worldly possessions you cannot live without.

My Phone, My Phone, My phoneโ€ฆ
Still thinking of what the other 2 are


Whatโ€™s your favourite holiday destination that youโ€™ll go to again and again?

Anywhere where itโ€™s not hot and not cold – moderate, away from the city and by the sea or in the bush, calm and where nature has a way of saying โ€œI own youโ€


Whatโ€™s your honest opinion on family Whatsapp groups?

As soon as everyone stops wishing Good Morning and Good Night, and this includes all those forwards with Gods pictures, saying and parables from people extinct, I am fine with them


Lastly, youโ€™ve been gifted an elephant. You canโ€™t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?

Finally, my wish has come trueโ€ฆ I have an ELEPHANT!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaayy!!



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