Fried batter fish

I do enjoy the classic fish and chips sometimes. It reminds me of my college days in the U.K.

This turned out well!


1kg cod

250g self raising flour

Salt to taste

Cold soda water

Oil for frying

Lemon for garnish


Clean and dry the fish. If the fillets are too large, you can cut them to desired size. Pat dry with a paper towel.

In a mixing bowl, mix the flour, salt and soda water. Don’t make the batter too runny. Put the soda water a little at a time. It should be thick in consistency.

Dip the fish in the batter, coat it thoroughly and gently put it in the hot oil to deep fry.

Fry for about 6-7 minutes, turning the fish occasionally but gently.

Drain on paper towel.

Serve with chips doused in vinegar and salt, with a bit of tartare sauce and/ or ketchup.



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