Rebooting myself

Sometimes, I doodle

Sometimes, I doodle when I’m stressed about something.

I spent all day yesterday wondering why people get angry over my business, my thoughts, my actions, me in general.

If I’ve quietly detached from something that is affecting my mental health, why take it so personally? It’s not about you. It’s about me. I’m trying to be more aware of my well-being, and that includes switching off to reboot.


Don’t take my actions, reactions, words or lack of them personally. I’m fixing myself. Don’t get offended with your perceived notions. This is a process for me to deal with the depression I’ve been struggling with for two years since my Mum passed away.

Also, it helps to ask straight up instead of relying on others telling you nonsense or second-guessing and deciding for me what I meant or said without confirming with me.

Be at peace. Let me try to find mine. It’s not personal.

Sometimes, I write wise quotes…

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